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Sewage Mitigation Experts

Sewage is one of the most dangerous substances that can enter buildings. Unfortunately, people don’t understand the hazards that sewage creates, particularly for small children, the elderly, and those with immune system or respiratory problems. YOUR HEALTH MATTERS.

“Black” water contains fecal matter, raw sewage, & bacteria and requires expert intervention. Our experience, skill, and quick response time ensures your family’s well-being after a sewage-related flood. We take care of all damage resulting from a clogged sewer line backup or break. Call us 24 hours a day for your sewage mitigation needs.

It is imperative to quickly take necessary steps to prevent any further damage, because the longer you wait to begin the cleanup, the more severe and expensive the damage becomes. And if your structure or contents stay wet, you are more likely to experience additional trouble such as mold damage.

If your damaged area is moist, you must act quickly to:

  • Dry the affected area immediately to prevent mold growth
  • Disinfect and sanitize the affected area to prevent further exposure to possible waste material, household chemicals, and diseases contained in the wet area.

It is imperative to call for help from a sewage mitigation company that is available immediately 24 hours a day. When you are dealing with damage, you don’t have time to wait for a response, not knowing when or if it will come.

Myths About Sewage

Midwest Flood Restoration, LLC offers these facts to dispel some typical myths:

Sewage from lakes or rivers is clean.
This water contains contaminants such as microorganisms, bacteria, and pesticides. Trapped inside walls or under floor coverings, it doesn’t take long to become a “smelly” health hazard.

Chlorine bleach decontaminates sewage.
While bleach is a remedy, it’s quickly inactivated by the sewage. Even dead fungi and bacteria may contain chemicals that cause an allergic response. Affected areas should be cleaned thoroughly, followed by appropriate disinfectant application.

Sewage-saturated carpets can be “saved”.
Absolutely not! Porous materials, such as carpet, pad, upholstery, bedding, wicker, paper goods, or fabrics that can’t be washed in hot water, must be disposed of safely.

Partially sewage-flooded buildings are safe.
Not unless contaminated areas can be sealed off to prevent cross-contamination of other areas. Only trained professionals using specialized equipment are qualified to restore sewage damage.

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